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Welcome to the jumping off point

for any strategic shift that you, your team, or organization wants to embark upon.

  • Are you trying to bring about change, but aren’t sure how to get there from here?

  • Remember when you were performing at your best; when you felt most satisfied and proud? Yet somehow you’ve strayed from that place of high-achievement?

  • Is something important not working right and you don’t know how to turn it around?

  • Do you have high aspirations, and now need to engage, focus, align and advance all efforts in pursuit of this vision?

  • Is performance not at its full potential; not where it needs to be?

Now imagine that you’ve experienced a transformation. From being stuck in this messy situation to moving forward with a clarity and momentum that you never knew was possible….

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What is your most pressing need?

What business issue, leadership challenge, team dynamic, or compelling opportunity has captured your attention and needs performance enhancement?

Leadership Impact

My new boss was one of the highest-ranking executives at Microsoft. Ron helped me find my inner balance so I can perform at a higher level and be perfectly comfortable there.

General Manager


Team Development

Work is more fun than it was two years ago. And, people want to come to work and want to solve problems and want to create the next new thing for the organization.

VP Operations


Organizational Change

Before we worked with Ron, in three years we did not release one new product. Since working with Ron, in 12 months we’ve released three new game-changing technologies. That’s a huge accomplishment in such a short time!


I’d like to thank my clients and colleagues, because they created this website. The content you’ll read here draws from their experiences of working with us — as told to us in their own words. Seeing how they view our work together is illuminating and immensely gratifying for me. Ron Sepielli, Leadership Sherpa
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insights-alOng-the-way Self is the most powerful instrument of leadership. Leadership Presence is the use of Self with intent.
insights-alOng-the-way The essential shift to a greater good often sneaks into our lives disguised as a messy disturbance.
insights-alOng-the-way Pay attention to what you pay attention to. Out of all the actions you could possibly take, there’s one important action that can make all the difference in effecting the desired change.
insights-alOng-the-way The complex needn’t be complicated.”
insights-alOng-the-way Regardless of your job title, everyone’s a potential leader. Any work we do calls us to demonstrate our leadership presence.
insights-alOng-the-way Instead of resisting fear and doubt, splash around in their waters. You’ll find undiscovered strength, resilience, and joy there.
insights-alOng-the-way If ease, impact, and joy are missing from your world and work, then take a fresh look at your approach and recalibrate.
insights-alOng-the-way Change IS messy. You’re not going crazy.
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